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You will receive daily shares up to 2% from your initial investment. When you compound the shares, it will add into your Growing Capital that will generate bigger shares for you. The Growing Capital is capped at 2x of your investment. Your fund will stop growing when you have reached max payout, ie: your accumulated withdrawal has reached 200% from your investment.

  • Min deposit is $50 BUSD
  • Max single deposit is $1,000 BUSD
  • Max deposit per wallet is $10,000 BUSD
  • Available to withdraw (shares bucket) has a max limit at certain threshold, and once it's full you need to withdraw it so that you have space to earn the remaining shares.
  • Max threshold of shares bucket is ratio of TVL / numbers of players. You'll get notified when it's full so that you can choose any options below:
    • Withdraw it whenever your 7-days lock timer ends.
    • Add new investment so that it will be compounded automatically and giving new space to receive shares.
  • We incorporate a unique anti drain system, which takes into account the total number of TVL/Players, so your rewards will stop accruing once this number is reached, and you will have to withdraw your rewards or add new capital to continue earning. For example: If there is 100 players and the TVL is 100,000, then the bucket threshold will be 1000. A $10,000 deposit will earn $200 per day, then after 5 days, the bucket will be full ($1000 in your rewards), assuming share value of $1, and you will need to withdraw when the withdraw timer ends.

You can withdraw your shares once a week (timer is available below the withdraw button). There is small fee/tax imposed during withdrawal. You can also make an emergency withdrawal, but you will get taxed 50%. You are not advised to do this unless you understand the risk. You could end up getting zero profit for doing it since your max payout is only 200% from your investment.

No, you cannot withdraw it. Your deposit is locked and you can only withdraw the shares.

There is 10% deposit and withdraw tax, but you are rewarded based on the full value of your deposit. (ie: you will get $100 capital for $100 deposit, regardless the tax being imposed when you make deposit). If you withdraw $100 of rewards, you will get $90.

Fee Allocation = 3% for treasury, 5% for dev fee, 2% for lottery pot

That is a special day when people can enjoy 10% discount for making deposit (eg: Deposit 50 BUSD will be credited into your account as 55 BUSD capital).

Discount Day happens every 14 days, and there is countdown timer available on website.

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Get 7% one time referral bonus of deposit amount directly to your wallet when someone uses your referral link.


Up to 2% daily shares, at maximum 200% of your locked investment.
(Your shares value fluctuates based on TVL. The value increases when TVL grows, and it decreases when TVL shrinks.)